Help with Quitting Smoking (Outpatient)

Medical Support for Quitting Smoking

Here at Minato Shiba Clinic, we help patients quit smoking through the use of Champix oral medication.
The human brain contains nicotine receptors, and when a person smokes nicotine binds to these receptors, triggering the release of dopamine into the brain and thus making the act of smoking feel very pleasant.
Champix prevents nicotine from binding to the receptors, thus reducing the feel-good effect of smoking.
The following is an overview of treatment time and costs for patients looking to quit smoking.

Treatment period About 3 months
Approximate cost 18,000 yen(patient copayment when using health insurance)
Treatment approach To start with, the patient begins taking Champix while continuing to smoke. After about one week, the patient stops smoking.
We then increase Champix dosages in slow increments.
Patients tend to be irritable at first due to lack of nicotine intake, but the body will slowly grow accustomed to its absence.
During the treatment process, we offer advice to help keep the patient's mind off smoking as part of efforts to help them quit.
Treatment last about three months, and patients visit the clinic a total of five times during that period.

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