Advantages of Using Minato Shiba Clinic

The hospital’s goals are themed around a trinity of ideals - namely acting as an “oasis in the heart of the city” as a “local village clinic” providing “reasonable” treatments, with each of these ideals complementing one another.

It all starts with developing an atmosphere that puts patients at ease when discussing their health concerns.
This is because we feel that learning as much as we can about a patient is the most vital part of a patient’s diagnosis.
To this end, I lean on my experience as a GP in actively asking whether patients have experienced certain symptoms, or whether such-and-such concerns them.
This often leads patients to respond with “Well, now that you mention it...”, giving us a greater insight into the patient’s condition and helping us better diagnose the patient.
The clinic has gone for a natural look, with the key green and brown color combination brightening up the clinic to better put patients in a relaxed frame of mind.
Finding an oasis after walking in the blazing desert sun is sure to give anyone a great sense of relief.
The Minato Shiba Clinic hopes to act as this oasis in the middle of the desert.
Further, by diagnosing a broad range of patient concerns similar to a local village doctor, we hope to offer patients a peace of mind that gives them a sense that they can “discuss anything at the Minato Shiba Clinic”.
At the Minato Shiba Clinic we devote ourselves everyday to providing patients with a sense that the clinic is an “oasis in the heart of the city” that provides a broad range of treatments as the “village doctor”, while striving to provide “reasonable” care by diagnosing a patient’s entire physical condition, narrowing down potential conditions and identifying causes while keeping medical testing to only that which is absolutely required.
Here we strive to avoid testing as a preliminary step to inferring a patient’s condition.
We work to maintain patient satisfaction in the care we provide by always placing these core themes at the forefront of our minds.

Clinic concept

In addition to internal medicine and surgery, this clinic performs consultations in a broad range of fields, including dermatology, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology and proctology.
Our clinic's treatment approach is “see the forest for the trees, and see the trees for the forest."
We pay close attention to the patient's overall body as well as the finer details in order to carefully identify diseases and other problems.
The number of clinics in Tokyo emphasizing an area of specialty is increasing.
While this is a benefit to patients looking to receive care for a specific illness or symptom, being overly conscious of a specific illness can make you lose sight of over latent illnesses and health issues.
Taking the time to look at a patient’s total physical condition can reduce instances where illnesses are overlooked.
Occasionally we have patients come in with skin conditions that are in reality caused by internal conditions, while other patients coming in for orthopaedic surgery discover that they have heart problems.

Internal medicine-type orthopaedic surgery

The orthopaedic surgery treatments provided by the Minato Shiba Clinic differ from conventional treatments in that the focus is placed on patient interviews and palpation while keeping X-ray tests to an absolute minimum.
If necessary, MRI scans are performed to gain a definite prognosis.
As orthopedic diseases other than external injuries are often the result of internal issues, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment that considers not just orthopedic procedures, but internal procedures as well.

Gastroenterology-type dermatology

The dermatological treatment provided at the Minato Shiba Clinic characteristically differ from conventional treatments in that a complete internal review of the patient’s condition is taken into account when considering treatment.
It is not rare to see dermatological conditions result from internal diseases.
We look to discuss with patients the best treatment for them while avoiding the use of steroidal medicines where possible.
In particular, we recommend an “intestinal tract barrier reinforcement treatment” as a means of naturally fighting skin diseases in children by regulating their intestinal environment.

Further, by providing a broader scope in diagnosis we can strive to function as a one-stop clinic for patients as much as possible, reducing the need for introductions to other clinics, and reducing inconvenience and economic burden for patients receiving treatment at multiple medical clinics.
In the old days, the local doctor in one's town or village would listen to the individual worries and concerns of each patient and respond accordingly.
We view this personalized approach as the fundamental, ideal form of medicine and take it as our model.

Clinic Hours and Location

Nat'l Holidays
9:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. × ×
3:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. × × ×

Kuwayama Bldg. 2nd floor, 2-12-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Googlemaps

4 min. on foot from Shibakoen Sta., 7 min. on foot from Mita Sta., 7 min. on foot from Daimon Sta. and 10 min. on foot from Hamamatsucho Sta.

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